Transform the cross-border cooperation area of Portugal and Spain

(Interreg V-A Spain Portugal)

into an international strategic actor in nanotechnology.



Mobilize the capacities and skills of the innovation ecosystem

in nanoscience and nanotechnology through:





Aligning interests and coordinating efforts of all the stakeholders within the cooperation area.




Promoting excellence in nanoscience and developing nanotech-based solutions.




Fostering the insertion of nanotechnology inside the entrepreneurial

network, catalyzing wealth and smart growth.





How does the nanoGateway project work?

Technological innovation and research often develop in isolation from societal needs.


On the other hand, modern society faces many challenges that nanotechnology can address, from food security to major diseases like cancer.


In addition, Nanotechnology is generally recognized as the most promising Key Enabling Technology in different fields (such as Health, Food, Environment, Energy, Industry, among others), having the potential to perform as a key innovation driver for the world’s future economy.


The nanoGateway project starts from this premise and strives to act as a practical hub in the development of the emerging specialization profile of each region, by aligning the efforts and interests of all actors involved.


Bringing diverse parties to the table is the key to efficiently combine efforts, insights, and ideas from both the research and business worlds.


Therefore the creation of a new collaborative and integrated approach among value chain actors is the core of nanoGateway, in order to address industry and social challenges.